Seven Reasons Brighton Is A Great Place to Work

Working in Brighton is the sartorial equivalent of taking off uncomfortable office shoes and putting on flip flops. Wherever you work in this buzzing city, it’s encouraging to know that the sea is only a short stroll away.

Perhaps because it is a beach city, Brighton has a relaxed and upbeat atmosphere which makes it easier to achieve a work/life balance.

Here are some of the main benefits of working in Brighton:

1. A pleasant commute

People working in big cities such as London have to rely heavily on public transport which we all know is not always reliable. If you live and work in Brighton, however, your best commuting option is walking.

As the city is relatively compact, it shouldn’t take much longer than half an hour to get to your office and if you can take the scenic route along the seafront, even better. Walking to work is great for your health, you’ll get plenty of fresh air and have time to focus on your state of mind, without the hassle of dealing with other time-poor, angry commuters.

There’s something about gazing out to sea that is almost meditative, it certainly helps with overall wellbeing.

2. Individuality

Anything goes in Brighton.

On your walk to work you may well come across a troupe of acrobats, a transvestite wearing an Amy Winehouse wig or a dog on a skateboard – you get the idea.

You can be whoever you want to be in the colourful city of Brighton and no one bats an eyelid. Most employers share this open-minded attitude which means you should be free to express yourself in your workplace however you like, after all, no one enjoys being an office clone.

3. Vibrant digital community

Brighton has always been at the forefront of technology and culture, with the highest density of digital companies in the UK.

It also has one of the fastest growing rates of small business start-ups meaning it is a rich pool of creative talent and a great place to meet inspiring people who can help you develop your own career.

There are numerous networking events and evening classes covering everything from graphic design, marketing, branding, SEO, gaming and so on. Tap into this thriving community to exchange ideas and try out new projects.

4. Foodie heaven 

Don’t opt for a soggy sandwich at your desk during your lunch break; Brighton has a vast array of cafes and restaurants serving every cuisine you can imagine, right on your doorstep.

From the North Laine’s canteen-style bistros to the patisseries and delicatessens on Church Road to the mouth-watering chippies on the seafront you will be totally spoilt for choice.

As most food establishments in Brighton have an ethical and flexible approach, people with particular food preferences and intolerances shouldn’t struggle to find lunch to suit them; whether you’re vegetarian, vegan or gluten-intolerant, you will be well catered for.

5. Fitness

You may prefer to spend your lunch hour doing something active, after all, sitting down for eight hours a day is not healthy for anyone. Luckily Brighton has gyms and fitness classes all over the city, many of which are geared especially for office workers.

You can practice yoga with expert practitioners, do boot camps on the seafront or even try something a bit different like martial arts or calisthenics.

Failing that, just throw on your jogging clothes and head toward the seafront or one of the many parks and enjoy a reviving run.

6. Inspiration

Numerous studies have shown that being in a stimulating environment can help to spark ideas. No matter what industry you work in, attempting to solve problems by looking at things from a new perspective can be really useful.

If you have a particularly tricky challenge at work you may find that it helps to stroll through the streets of Brighton and soak up its varied culture, allowing the colourful scenes, friendly people and surprising events to inspire you.

Admire the exceptional street art, pop into some picture galleries, stop by photographic installations, visit the Royal Pavilion, go to see a show at one of the many theatres – it shouldn’t be long before you come up with some creative solutions.

7. Shopping

As mentioned, Brighton has a quirky sense of style and its many shops reflect its original fashion.

If you’re looking to update your wardrobe, you can fill many a lunch hour wandering around the clothes shops, experimenting with new looks including hippy, goth, skater, surfer, raver – you name it.

The North Laine has plenty of independent shops and bohemian market stalls, or if you’re looking for designer brands head to Dukes Lane for stores such as Ted Baker and Karen Millen, and Brighton’s biggest shopping mall, Churchill Square is crammed with high street stores.

Bargain-hunters will be delighted by the plethora of good quality charity and second-hand shops scattered around the city. Also, if you’re searching for the perfect gift, there are plenty of craft shops and unique jewellers in the twisting alleyways of the famous Lanes.