The 5 Best Sectors for Student Careers in Brighton

It’s easy to see why so many want to live in Brighton after they graduate.

Mooching round the kooky North Laine shops, lounging on the pebbled beach, hanging out in the Pavilion Gardens and partying the night away in the city’s ever-changing club scene.

But, it’s not all play, play, play in Brighton. There’s a secret side to this hip, knowing seaside city that not many Brightonians like to shout about.

We’re not talking dirty weekends here – we’re talking fantastic career opportunities. The fact is that there’s a strong culture of work that keeps this city’s palace of fun afloat.

So, if you’re looking for a career in Brighton here’s what’s on offer.

Brighton’s digital hub and start-up culture

The digital economy in Brighton is now worth more than £1 billion – and its pace of growth shows no sign of letting up. Innovative organisations, like Wired Sussex and the Digital Catapult Centre, have helped nurture Brighton into its role as a hotspot for the creative industries.

Madgex (technology), Clearleft (UX), iCrossing (digital marketing) and Crunch (online accounting) are among the established players – but, in their wake, many new start-ups are gracing Brighton’s Silicon Beach.

Good news for: designers, web developers, tech heads, marketing gurus, creatives of all persuasions

Hospitality, leisure and entertainment

The digital economy may have overtaken tourism as Brighton’s most-important sector, but there’s still plenty of graduate hospitality roles available.

With an annual contribution of £380 million to the region’s economy and 20,000 people employed to service it, this is far from an industry on its knees.

Good news for: hospitality, leisure and arts managers

Financial and business services

American Express has its European HQ here – with 3,000 employees within  – and there are many other major international financial and business organisations based in Brighton. Increasingly the digital start-up scene is merging with this sector as SaaS providers boom.

Good news for: finance professionals, accountants, insurance career seekers

Healthcare and life sciences

Within striking distance of Brighton are a number of excellent R&D and manufacturing facilities for healthcare, focussed on pharmaceuticals and medical devices. Within the city itself, BUPA is a major employer.

Good news for: scientists, engineers, healthcare professionals

Energy and environmental technologies

Brighton lies at the centre of the UK’s most intensive concentration of renewable energy and waste minimising initiatives: to name a few, there’s the Veolia biomass facility (Newhaven), Rampion Windfarm (off Brighton’s coast), Renewable Energy sector hub (Worthing) and research centre for Sustainable Construction (University of Brighton).

Solar, bio-energy, wave and wind technologies are all being harnessed here. Alternative fuel and energy sources, such as biomass and photovoltaics, are also being developed alongside carbon finance and building technology projects.

Good news for: environmental scientists, engineers, physicists

Bohemian Brighton gets down to business

Well, who said you can’t mix business with pleasure?

With legal roles and a whole suite of public sector positions on offer, it’s no wonder that Brighton is the only city in the Coast to Capital region (which stretches from Lewes to Chichester and up to Croydon) where the number of full-time jobs has grown.

Brighton is more than a student’s playground – it’s where graduates get down to business.