9 Unusual Things To Do In Brighton After Work

You may have heard people say the phrase ‘that is so Brighton’ – usually to describe something quirky and unexpected. And that is what’s so delightful about this city; the abnormal is normal.

If you fancy doing something a bit different after work, there are plenty of unusual pursuits to choose from, read on for some of our favourites.

1. Watch the starling murmuration

Starling Murmurtion in Brighton

Most autumn and winter evenings before dusk, thousands of starlings return to this city from places as far away as Scandinavia, flocking to roost on the Brighton piers. They fly together in huge clouds, tracing intricate patterns through the sky known as a ‘murmuration’.

You can sit anywhere along the seafront between the two piers to watch these stunning sky shows and marvel at the beauty of nature.

2. Do a ghost walk tour of the Lanes

Spooky Brighton

For those who enjoy a bit of spine-tingling drama, the ghost tour of Brighton’s famous Lanes explores the area’s rich history. A master story teller will walk with you to eight haunted sites, regaling you with tales of macabre murders during the Victorian era, including Brighton’s infamous connection with Jack the Ripper. Walks start at 7.30pm from The Druid Head pub and last for 70 minutes.

Check the website for more details.

3. Dine out at the UK’s first ever cannabis infused restaurant

The Canna Kitchen

The Canna Kitchen, a vegan and vegetarian restaurant serving food infused with organic cannabinoids, is set to open in Brighton in early December. Be one of the first to try their contemporary and fresh dishes including roast cauliflower with CBD tahini cream and buckwheat and beetroot pancake with CBD cashew cheese.

To book a table visit the website.

4. Play the escape game

Escape Room

Invite some of your colleagues to an evening of mental challenge and team work; Escape Game Brighton offers a selection of missions for you to complete. You and your team (up to 6 people) will be trapped inside a room with just 60 minutes to escape. You need to work together to solve the clues that will lead you to the exit, using your collective intuition and detective skills.

To book, visit escapegamebrighton.com.

5. Globalls – glow in the dark crazy golf

Globalls Brighton

Putting the ‘crazy’ into crazy golf, this indoor mini golf course features neon life sized dinosaurs under ultraviolet light. Take a group of colleagues and putt your way across the magical Tropicana course – it’ll transport you to a world that is very different to your office. Located at Brighton Marina, Globalls is a great place to go on a rainy evening.

Book here.

6. Improvised comedy

Improv Comedy in Brighton

If you’re really looking to step outside of your comfort zone, why not sign up to some improvised comedy evening classes? Unplanned and unscripted, improvised comedy theatre encourages you to play with character and dialogue, making up everything as you go along.

It’s a great release for the imagination and can help with a whole host of personal skills including confidence, collaboration and creativity.

Check out the range of Brighton-based improv courses run by The Maydays.

7. Befriending

Befriending in Brighton

Brighton is a buzzing and sociable city, so it’s saddening to hear that many vulnerable older people live on their own, isolated from the community. Luckily local charity, Time to Talk Befriending, has made it a mission to reduce loneliness by offering a personalised model of intergenerational befriending.

Sign up as a volunteer with them and they’ll match you with a suitable older companion to share a regular cuppa and a chat with. The experience is mutually rewarding and makes a real positive impact on people’s lives.

8. Aerial circus classes

Aerial Circus Brighton

Ever dreamt of running away and joining the circus? Brighton has weekly aerial classes and workshops for all levels; learn a sequence of movements on the silks, rope, hoop and trapeze bar and increase your flexibility and core strength.

It’s never too late to start something new and your body will thank you for it after a full day sitting at a desk. Teardrop Circus and The Circus Project are just two specialist places that have a range of aerial equipment.

9. Cabaret and drag shows

Cabaret Show Brighton

Release your inner diva and head to Kemptown after work for some colourful and no doubt ribald entertainment. Kemptown is historically known as Brighton’s gay quarter and offers a host of cabaret bars, flamboyant clubs and drag shows.

Start with a beer on St James Street and look out for the flash of glitter balls and the dulcet tones of a crooning drag queen – you’re bound to have a night to remember.